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The Dreamer Chronicles I Dream in Color (Book 1) Now Available My Dream of Hope (Book 2) Forthcoming early 2021 Those Dreams I Had (Book 3) Forthcoming mid 2021 Creatures of Rome Monsters and Men (Book 1) Forthcoming 2021
Monsters and Men Book 1 of Creatures of Rome Fantasy, Historical Fiction
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Aeliana awoke in a world of fire, blood and death. She awoke at the mercy of a man, who would destroy her mind, within the clutches of an invading army. Sleep had taken her for a hundred years, and the entire Roman empire has changed in that time. Her mind, her body, has changed. A deep anger burns within Lucius. They took everything from him. His wealth, his power, his family and even his body. They did unspeakable things to him, which made him a shadow of the man he once was. A man with terrible, violent urges and fearful abilities. He will make them pay. He will crush the men who made a monster of him. The priesthood of Asclepius sought to create man in the image of their gods; beautiful, fearful, powerful. They gifted their unwilling victims with terrible abilities no mere human should possess. They deviated far from the healing ways of the god they claimed to worship. There are men who would destroy them for the things they had done. Rome falls into anarchy. Her people die a thousand cruel deaths. She falls to her knees at the greed and tyranny of one man, the emperor. And the gods laughed. They laughed and walked away.
OUT NOW:AMAZON ONLY    Purchase here “They gave me dreams of euphoria, life without pain, in exchange for the body I no longer needed. No one ever wakes from the pod dreams. No one ever wanted to. Except, I did wake.” Alex rouses to near darkness. Glass encloses him on all sides. He is drowning in salty fluid. Thrashing for life. Except his lungs don’t burn for air. His mind doesn’t fade away. When Alex looks down, he finds the mechanical umbilical cord extending out of his navel. The Institute offers many services. To their Dreamers, a release from reality, in exchange for a small rent. Blood. Bone marrow. Stems cells. Organ biopsies. Thousands of desolate souls sleep in their pods, every thought, each emotion, manipulated. Improved. The human experience is manufactured on a large scale. Alex is the only man to wake. To get out. His body is damaged. He cannot trust his own mind. Especially not what it shows him. Alex chooses life. He quits the Institute, but the beautiful world outside their clinical walls is far more brutal. This small moon colony is a thing of civil unrest. Violent riots. Military police arrests in the night. The war; a distant thing, that is coming home. The world is ripping itself apart, but Alex is just trying to escape the demons in his head. To find some human connection. He forgets to avoid the demons in the street; the violence, pain and chaos. Never again does Alex want to be a man so broken, he gives up on life, to choose to sleep in the watery grave of a pod. Despite how Alex runs, the horrifying nature of his reality pursues him. I Dream in Colour is a story of loneliness, and the dark places our minds can go. It is filled with haunting visuals, of a strangely beautiful alien world, against dark, dystopian themes. A colony lost in space and disconnected from Earth. Mostly, this science-fiction thriller is about the human capacity to hold onto hope. And to lose it.
SARAH MAZZA Fantasy, Sci-Fi,  Historical Fiction